• Andrea Little

Why You Should Consider “Virtually” Staging Your Listing

When you are preparing your listings, you want them to look as appealing as possible to potential buyers, and a great way to up a home’s appeal is by “staging” it.

When people think of staging, they are typically thinking about actual, in-home staging. But, thanks to emerging technology, “virtual staging” has made it easier and more cost-effective to stage your listing than ever before—without the need to hire a professional stager or staging company.

A recent article from outlined the benefits of virtual staging, including:

  • Virtual staging saves time. Staging a home takes time. You, or your agent not only has to find and hire a professional stager, but they also have to be given time to design and stage the space. Because virtual staging is all done using software, it’s much less of a time commitment—which means your home can be listed (and sold) much faster.

  • Virtual staging is more affordable. The cost of staging a home can be steep—especially if your home is on the larger side. Because virtual staging doesn’t require any physical labor or actual furnishings which need to be rented or purchased, it’s a much more affordable and cost-effective option.

  • Virtual staging is a practical option during COVID-19. Because of COVID-19, many homeowners aren’t comfortable with staging crews coming in and out of their home. Virtual staging allows you to stage your home for listing photos without having to let anyone else into your property—making it a practical and safe staging option during the pandemic.

Traditional staging may still be the best option, depending on the home and market, however, virtual staging can be a very effective marketing tool to draw attention and interest to your listings.

Have questions about the process or if your listing would benefit from virtual staging vs. traditional staging? Reach out to us today!



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